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411 - Mac Basics

Welcome to the Mac Basis page at GSIS. The information found here is dedicated to helping you learn to use your Mac as quickly and easily as possible.

Part A: Mac OSX Resources

Part B:  Mac Run-Through

  1. General Laptop Care
  2. Wireless Access
    • Network Name: ST_Auth
    • Network Credentials
  3. Mac Overview
  4. Navigating Your Mac
  5. Where in the world is my  _______?
  6. That's My Style
  7. "Houston, We Have a Problem."
  8. Organizing Your Mac
  9. "Help! I need to save my stuff!!!"

Part C: Productivity on your Mac

  1. Text Edit
  2. iWork

Part D: Creativity on your Mac

  1. Preview
  2. iPhoto
  3. Garage Band
  4. iMovie
  5. iBooks
  6. iBooks Author