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I really need to work on gentler language for the Just In Time Differentiated Sessions ...
... Please understand, this project with PowerSchool implementation is an online development

People will need to self select for Professional Learning:
- online course takers -> individuals ready to lead the way by using the resources below
- online course groups -> people who can get stuff socially by digesting the content together
- one to one people -> folks that are willing to find an "expert" to help them thru the resources
... Remember - TechHelp Requests are an effective way to arrange a help session
NOTE: To follow the Request links - You need to have a PowerSource Account ...
... TechHelp Requests for PowerSource Questions
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PowerTeacher Gradebook  Request for online course

In this course, teachers will learn how to launch and set up the Web Gradebook, explore the interface, and enter assignments and grades. You will also learn how to set up assignment categories and grade scales, create student groups and sets, work with the Scoresheet, and run gradebook reports.


PowerTeacher Portal Request

In this course, teachers will learn how to navigate and personalize PowerTeacher, take attendance, submit lunch counts, view student information, submit log entries, print PowerSchool reports, view the daily bulletin, and launch the PowerTeacher gradebook.

Audience: Teachers, PowerSchool Administrators

Course Duration: Approximately 2 hours

PowerSchool Communication Tools Request

When it comes to communication, PowerSchool offers a variety of tools that school administrative staff can use to effectively share information with students, parents, and staff members. This course introduces you to these communication tools and shows you how to create your own form letters, mailing labels, reports cards, reports, rosters, and daily bulletins.

PowerSchool Basics Request

Designed to be an introductory course for administrative staff, this course teaches you how to navigate PowerSchool's Start Page, main menu, and student pages; perform searches for student individuals and groups; and perform basic report printing functions.
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