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Listening to Elluminate

posted Oct 22, 2010, 10:54 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 22, 2010, 11:17 PM by Jason Kaiser ]
Learning Central is where many of the Classroom Live 2.o recording are stored ...
... This a great way to listen & watch discussions of technology in the classroom

eT@lking: Playing on the Internet Take 2.0: Jess McCulloch is the presenter, she has been using web2.0 tools since 2006 and has created several popular blogs, including Technolanguages In 2008, Jess received teacher professional leave to further study the effective use of web2.0 tool sin the classroom. She currently has a new role at the Chinese Teacher Training Centre at Melbourne Uni, Australia, runs ICT workshops for teachers.

The big take aways for me listening to this Eluminate?
Woices - A way to connect audio commentary to Google Earth. For history, this could mean voice annotated movement of immigrants in different times. Perhaps for English, this could be talking thru landmarks mentioned in the books being read. Certainly science, especially ecology and geology can now use google earth to leave behind voice notes.
Spezify - Visual search engine. I liked that it gives results from twitter, flickr and other search engines. But the big deal to me is the linking and favoriting. This means the research I do - is sharable.
Listening to People - I'm trying to give people starting points for finding and forming thier own personal learning network. Certainly there is a great deal in the blogosphere, and wikiverse - But, recently I was turned onto iTunes and Podcast subscriptions and it has been a mind opening experience. And so, it was a great pleasure to remember Learning Central has Elluminate sessions stored.